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My Ex

It’s all about him him him him him
And it’s all about me me me me me
And we don’t give a damn damn damn damn damn about nobody

So this page is dedicated to someone so that she can go GREEN WITH ENVY…. Ahaks

This story is all about us… Well let see, first we check out the makan makan places …

(15 June 2011) I love Oyster… Man… I just love oyster… This was when he took me for dinner somewhere near 1Utama after he got back from mana ntah.

(26 July 2011) And this picture was taken somewhere in KL… Thanks to Siti the agent, we got mixed up with a 20 people pax.

(12 August 2011) And the above picture was taken in A&W PJ during buka puasa… We were rushing to the police station for his accident reporting thingy.

(12 August 2011) After buka puasa temankan sayang gi Balai Polis… Next time, bawa cermat ye Sayang. Taulah tak sabar nak jumpa i. :p

(26 August 2011) I love steak… Anyone??? Also during buka puasa… Thanks Sayang!

(5 Sept 2011) Ini masa we first try out lunch dekat “my client’s place”. Thanks Sayang temankan i.

Okeh last but not least, here’s the BALANG BISKOT i got for Raya…

And this tiny bear, he put it on top :

Well, i got Balang Biskot for raya, and she got a h_____???? That’s not fair, don’t u think? Well he said, the h_____ was given by ______ . I don’t know…. Doesnt matter!

Okay let’s move on to the next section, here i am…


… with my Clarks, sitting in his car n waiting for him to buy McD. We were having a fight that night.

Well then dah sorry sorry, here i would like to post my first BIG PRESENT from him…

It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″… Mmuahhh muaahh… I love it so much. It’s suppose to be for my first birthday on our first year. Only I got it like 8 months later…

And this one…

October 2011 … another big surprise for me… I love Marc Jacobs. Thank you sayang.

Well YOU (he calls you ‘U’, right???), eat your heart out…. *smile*

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