Seri Dewi Malam


Canvas Pic


I think i am getting old…


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Huggin’ n Huggin’


Hey peeps, i’ve been thinking to shut this blog down, but few frens said i shouldn’t. Well, until i make up my mind, here goes the updates: I received a request from a fictional character to follow me on twitter. Yes, he doesn’t exactly exist but i am so Greysessed. So, i was more than happy to approve his request.


Well, that’s about it. Laters peeps.

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Chipmunks Day

I had a blast yesterday with my attention+craving – arrogantly+selfish – think+ she’s+always+right – mentally+unstable – hallucinogenic+impulsive bestfriend. Ya, she is a lunatic, but she is still my friend, and i love her dearly. Because despite the facts that she’s a lunatic, she has never offended me. Annoying, yes… Offensive, no…


Annoying vs Intimidating

So we went to so many places from the saloon to Midvalley. And i bought a pair of Chipmunks…


One of the Chipmunks

I wanted to buy a pair of kittens at first but settled for chipmunks instead after looking at the price of the meows. Wow, they are expensive and most of them in the store are flat faces. Not so stunning to my eyes.

One of the neighbour – kak ina suggested for sugar gliders, easy to handle, kind of manja and they don’t stink. Honestly, the way they look like are kinda…. Ugly… I like pretty pretty cute stunning things, like ME. Haha, masuk bakul angkat sendiri… Sapa lagi nak puji kan?


Me - the colored version

And pretty me….


The black n white version of me

While we were having our girls day out, Sayang was checking on me. Tak caya la tue ngan buah hati dia ni. Kasik chance la yang, i pun nak outing outing gak, asik u je jumpa orang sana sini.

Anyway, last sekali back to Warta. Beli Capati! Who says Warta is boring?

PS: “sayang, i nak hadiah…”

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Hi folks. How was your day yesterday? Mine was above par, in fact it wuz unforgettable day. Started of the day with embarrassing moment in a meeting room with the big shots. I had an emotional breakdown i felt like disappearing. Henry wanted to take me for lunch, but we settled for a quick drink instead. Wasn’t that quick tho. He asked me to joined his company, and offered a company benefits that he said will make me happy. I’m flattered, he was soo sweet. Scary, but sweet.

I ended the day with a date… with someone special… I wanted it to be our last date, but i thought he deserved his chance of finishing the contract. Ahaks… A contract, ouch, it hurts to even think about it. I tried to reason out with him on why we should terminate our contract earlier than the mutual agreement. Why wait later? Call it off now. But….. He bought me a gift. I am not sure if this is supposed to be my last year birthday gift? Or is this hadiah perpisahan?


It's a white gold ring with diamons...

And we finished our date with a dinner…


Dinner @ One World Hotel

And i look forward to seeing him today…


Nighty night and sweet dreams...

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Fifty Shades Freed

Twisted, tangled…


Huh.. She forwarded her texts.



She saw the text… But the girl saw the emails.. .. Sweet scent of betrayal…


He did the right thing… Mistress should never be acquainted with the spouse…

I adore him, Christian Grey…

That concludes it all… XOX

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Fifty Shades Darker

And into the darkness… The girl went…

And she was stunned…


He knew her… The intruder…


But she was not just a nobody… She was his submissive…


So there’s Mrs. Robinson who was his DOM, and Leila who was his SUB. But she emerged from these two characters… The lover, the business partner, the overpowering girlfriend, the stalker and the psychopath. The girl buried herself deeper into 50 Shades Darker…


The girl paused… They had an agreement too…


When are they going to learn that they can’t embrace the future while holding on to the past?


Two can play the same game…..

And i am NOT reading my diary…

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Define irony.

A stupid girl whose life is such a big drama finds herself in a plot of well written script on e-book shelf …


The Truth is out there

And she just got to ask.


do u love her? ...

But he denied…


He didn't love Mrs. Robinson

So the stupid girl didn’t get enough sleep. She just had about 45 minutes of sleep yesterday and i dont think she wants to sleep again tonight. Someone told her that she should read books before bed but look at what happened… She found a book that was very intoxicating ended up with less sleep than ever. And the book comes in series…

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Memandangkan FB sekarang ni masing2 berlumba mengembangkan dakwah islamiah maka aku pun ngan senang ati deactivate la akaun tu. Bukan sebab aku takut ngan stalker, hahaha, be my guest – sila silakan no problem at all… Tapi sebab aku antara orang yg dapat mesej…  Atau kira wahyu la… suruh aku mengunakan fb ni berlandaskan syariah islam, bukan utk berhibur atau me”lawa”kan diri tapi untuk berdakwah selain meninggalkan perkara2 lagha lg sia sia dlm FB ni. Si tukang hanta? Hancus, adaka masa marah guna icon babi untuk suami sendiri. So how?

Aku ni agak susah nak meluruskan jalan yg bengkang bengkok apalagi jika dipandukan orang yg sendiri senget. Sebab aku sendiri tak suka dengar cakap orang… Aku dengar cakap aku je… Walaupun orang yg aku sayang, lagila high class ngade ngade aku buat. Disuruh datang, aku datang…  Tapi aku tak tunggu… Macam semalam la, aku gi KL semata mata nak buat u-turn. Apasal aku tak buat u-turn kat Ipoh je terus kan? Ye lah, dah org tu suh gi KL sg besi tapi x bagitau nak tunggu mana.

Dah la panas, terus muka aku berubah gini:


Angin satu badanla… Abis takde tahan tahan punya. Dulu yelah, orang baik, aku tunjukla jinak, dah banyak kes yg x boleh dimaafkan, boleh la aku tunjuk taring plak kan? Sekurang-kurangnya i am proud to be me. I am me and i’m original, i am mean, vicious and most of the time bitchy. So, don’t treat me like someone else, i wont wait for 8 years okay!

Speaking of original, tadi ternampak pendant dragon kat habib. Alamak, teringinnya… Tapi ada orang tu boleh tanya ni ada melayu pakai ke? Erk. Prejudice!!! Cuba yg aku tanya tu loket arnab ke, loket butterfly ke, mesti dia tak tanya gitu kan? Kenapa? Kenapa x boleh suka dragon. Aku dibesarkan dengan starcraft jadi aku suker spesies zergs ala ala sea dragons tu. Eh, sea dragons wujud ye, bukan mitos.


Menatang ni ada kat langkawi aquaria dulu sebelum kene sabotaj. Kecik je besar tapak tangan. Tapi aku percaya, mesti ada species yg besar yg orang nampak dan ingat naga tu. Mesti ada kan. Kalau tak masakan tasik chini tu dulu orang citer ada naga. Dongeng kah? Kalau dongeng, siapakah yg rajin mengarutkan cerita naga ni?

Back to the pendant, aku pun tak jadikla nak beli… (silap, pujuk org tu utk belikannnn)  Sebab orang tu kata cam ganas je… Eh, tak creative langsung. Cantik per loket naga tu, atau loket harimau… Tapi arimau takde. Rimau kayu adala…  Tengah main golf kutt. Anyway, bukankah kita bebas utk mencorakkan imej kita??.. Tak kisahla kalau kita nak pakai cincin kat jari telunjuk *ehemm*… Bukanker zaman dulu kala cincin dipakai di jari telunjuk oleh raja raja dan dukun je? Dipopularkan balik zaman sekarang oleh yahudi sebab dia nak jual cincin hippies dia dan kita pon boleh ar eksen macam dukun…  Dukun atau mak lampir je la kot kalau tak kene pesen. Takkan nak nampak cam king kot? King kong atau musang king buleh la… ;p

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A friend from the past

Tadi masa tgh main mekap mekap ngan Lyndz and awek boss, a long lost friend called… Takdela long lost sangat pun but he is indeed very lost. He’s been trying to reach me for ages, i am just being bitchy kejap layan most of the time buat bodo saja. Bila angkat, he said he is just downstairs… So please come down. Siap cakap plate kete sekian sekian kan?  Macamana ntah boleh sampai ke kampung ni? Ada aku beritau ker? Tak dapatlah nak tipu kata aku xde kat situ…

He was very handsome in his youth, and he still look good thanks to his workouts regime i guess. Dipendekkan cerita, we went for makan makan n minum minum. Dan kemudian we went our separate ways. He texted me later with the hope to see me again. I dont know…  I am just not interested. Boleh tak aku cakap kat dia, aku tgh nak menopause ni, so aku x minat?



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Love is Blind…


Love is Blind

Ini ada satu petua untuk kaum lelaki laa.. I don’t know if it works for other women but it certainly works for me. Kalau u all nak cari back-up girlfriend ke, kekasih gelap ke ataupun calon bini kedua ketiga dan seterusnya, carikla yg jauh lebih huduh dari yg sedia ada. Why? Sebab yg huduh ni selalunya low maintenance dan mudah dijual beli. Tapi sebab yg utama ialah kalau u olz kantoi, yg sedia ada tu takde la marah sangat kan? Kan?

Betapa tak logiknyalah ideologi ini. Orang selalu akan tanya, girlfriend baru dia lagi lawa ke, apa kehebatan bini baru berbanding bini lama?  Kalau bini lama putih, bini baru itam, tak ke pelik mata memandang? Teringat kat uncle mail… First wife kurus dan putih melepak tapi second wife bulat dan gelap. Rasanye sedikit sebanyak pasti second wife die terseksa dengan mata mata yg memandang terutamanya mata pompuan yg memandang. Patutla 2nd wife dia tak keluar keluar, menyorok je kat rumah… Hurmmm..

Yang sebenarnya, cantik itu sangat tinggi impact nye pada pompuan. Apa yg pompuan tak tahu, lelaki tak memandang pada kecantikan semata-mata. Betul? Lelaki memandang entire package. Kalau muka cantik, suara cam itik serati… Bersedialah utk menjadi tone-deaf. We were talking about this masa ngumpat ila… Me, Ja n Cikgu Man. Cikgu Man kata, lelaki mementingkan relationship, jadik syarat wajib ialah yg boleh dijadikan teman jalan jalan makan makan, yg boleh jadik tempat mengadu, yg boleh jadik tempat bermanja dan belai-belai… Yang  Optional pulak atau orang kata Bonus la bila dia dapat yang boleh dibanggakan (bila lelaki lain tengok dia terangkat sebab girlfriend comel), dapat extra “ruang” bermanja dan yang memandang dia umpama superhero… Err superhero? Biar betul? Kalau gitu, watak superhero yg paling sesuai untuk encik boyfriend ialah… Ironman…? Amacam sayang? Suka? :p

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