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Chipmunks Day

I had a blast yesterday with my attention+craving – arrogantly+selfish – think+ she’s+always+right – mentally+unstable – hallucinogenic+impulsive bestfriend. Ya, she is a lunatic, but she is still my friend, and i love her dearly. Because despite the facts that she’s a lunatic, she has never offended me. Annoying, yes… Offensive, no…


Annoying vs Intimidating

So we went to so many places from the saloon to Midvalley. And i bought a pair of Chipmunks…


One of the Chipmunks

I wanted to buy a pair of kittens at first but settled for chipmunks instead after looking at the price of the meows. Wow, they are expensive and most of them in the store are flat faces. Not so stunning to my eyes.

One of the neighbour – kak ina suggested for sugar gliders, easy to handle, kind of manja and they don’t stink. Honestly, the way they look like are kinda…. Ugly… I like pretty pretty cute stunning things, like ME. Haha, masuk bakul angkat sendiri… Sapa lagi nak puji kan?


Me - the colored version

And pretty me….


The black n white version of me

While we were having our girls day out, Sayang was checking on me. Tak caya la tue ngan buah hati dia ni. Kasik chance la yang, i pun nak outing outing gak, asik u je jumpa orang sana sini.

Anyway, last sekali back to Warta. Beli Capati! Who says Warta is boring?

PS: “sayang, i nak hadiah…”


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