Seri Dewi Malam



Hi folks. How was your day yesterday? Mine was above par, in fact it wuz unforgettable day. Started of the day with embarrassing moment in a meeting room with the big shots. I had an emotional breakdown i felt like disappearing. Henry wanted to take me for lunch, but we settled for a quick drink instead. Wasn’t that quick tho. He asked me to joined his company, and offered a company benefits that he said will make me happy. I’m flattered, he was soo sweet. Scary, but sweet.

I ended the day with a date… with someone special… I wanted it to be our last date, but i thought he deserved his chance of finishing the contract. Ahaks… A contract, ouch, it hurts to even think about it. I tried to reason out with him on why we should terminate our contract earlier than the mutual agreement. Why wait later? Call it off now. But….. He bought me a gift. I am not sure if this is supposed to be my last year birthday gift? Or is this hadiah perpisahan?


It's a white gold ring with diamons...

And we finished our date with a dinner…


Dinner @ One World Hotel

And i look forward to seeing him today…


Nighty night and sweet dreams...


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