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A friend from the past

Tadi masa tgh main mekap mekap ngan Lyndz and awek boss, a long lost friend called… Takdela long lost sangat pun but he is indeed very lost. He’s been trying to reach me for ages, i am just being bitchy kejap layan most of the time buat bodo saja. Bila angkat, he said he is just downstairs… So please come down. Siap cakap plate kete sekian sekian kan?  Macamana ntah boleh sampai ke kampung ni? Ada aku beritau ker? Tak dapatlah nak tipu kata aku xde kat situ…

He was very handsome in his youth, and he still look good thanks to his workouts regime i guess. Dipendekkan cerita, we went for makan makan n minum minum. Dan kemudian we went our separate ways. He texted me later with the hope to see me again. I dont know…  I am just not interested. Boleh tak aku cakap kat dia, aku tgh nak menopause ni, so aku x minat?




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