Seri Dewi Malam


Kisah Dongeng

I am bored. Bored to death…

Tadi dengar lagu stacy… Mencintai aku dgn seadanya, Mencintai aku bukan kerana rupa, Dalam waktu sendu, Dalam waktu hiba, Ku harapkan dia rela… Tapi akhir liriknya.. Atau mungkin cinta sebegitu hanya kisah dongeng saja…?!

Sigh… Although life is seldom unfair, but ones got to blend the bitter with a pinch of sweetness and mix it with pure harmony for the ultimate serenity. Hard? Indeed. Giving up seems like a much better option for some of us. And i do feel like giving up…

Anyway, thanks for visiting my page. I know some of you are anxious to see what i’m about to post, but let the past stays in history.

I want to let go of eveything and move on… what is not mine shall not be mine, what is yours is yours, buang yg keruh ambil yg jernih… kalau ada rezeki dan ada jodoh kita, we will meet again….

Till then, take care everyone…

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