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Melawan Kesepian…

Yeah, i got a little irritated today… Someone went offline right after i signed in. However things did changed later during dinner. Wasnt really dinner though, more or less like snacking on not so healthy food. Thanks to him, berjaya jugak melawan kesepian. Cuma i think he couldnt help it with the past. Sorry bro, but you are the 2nd man in town yang i kenal pernah kena belasah ngan wife. Sapa suruh kawin ngan dia? hahahaha.. anyway good luck to you, just dont bug me, menambahkan masalah den lagi ado.

Keje kept me busy, esok pun nak pegi keje. Hoping for someone to buy me over those peasants kat opis, as if i were some sort of PET. Even worse, kader gave me nickname the white ghost. apalah, tak seksi langsung~! Tomorrow going to pukul and ketuk him MORE.

I miss someone so much… this is the enchantress signing off from HELL.


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